For a year now, Zaxe has offered its subscribers the Expert’s Choice, a monthly publication highlighting an expert from our network as well as one of our flagship products. But all good things must come to an end, and now is the time to set out on new endeavors. That being said, what better way to end this chapter than with a recap of all our publications and their highlights!

SEPTEMBER 2020 : Mario Bissonnette and the Litter Probe 

Mario is our poultry expert in Quebec. He has a passion for technology and human contact, and strives every day to offer the best on the market to his clients, always to best of his knowledge. Doing business with Mario is therefore always easy and enjoyable!

One of his latest projects was the development and implementation of the Zaxe Litter Probe. This product allows producers to know the temperature of the litter prior to the chicks’ arrival and to monitor the temperature throughout the grow period. That said, producers can therefore be sure to have the adequate floor temp for their birds before, during, and after their production.

OCTOBER 2020 : Rob Lawrence and the Sorting Scale

Based in Alberta, Rob has always worked in the swine industry. He is therefore very familiar with the production cycle, and has specialized in hog sorting for the past 20 years. From planning sorting systems, installing, troubleshooting and repairs; he’s the man for the job!

The Zaxe Sorting Scale is therefore, according to him, an indispensable tool for fattening pig farms. Why manually weigh your animals and make blind predictions if you have access to a product that does it for you with great precision? In our opinion, this is unthinkable!

NOVEMBER 2020 : Marc Boivin and the Air Inlets

Marc is our ventilation expert in the dairy, poultry and swine industries. He now specializes in ag technology sales in Canada, in addition to supporting the development of several agricultural products and new markets.

When we’re talking about ventilation, Marc is the go-to person, and Zaxe’s Air Inlets are, in his opinion, ideal for creating the most favorable environment for your animals. They are adaptable to all types of buildings and to any climate, in winter as well as in summer, in Canada as in South America and other parts of the world.

DECEMBER 2020 : Jeff MacDougald and the 3P Feeder

Jeff is our Ontario-based swine feed specialist. An advocate for the ESF system, he participates in its development and to make it known across Canada. Providing peace of mind to his clients is his priority, and this, in large part thanks to the Zaxe 3P Feeder.

The Zaxe 3P Feeder is undoubtedly the go-to equipment when it comes to precision feeding. Being an integral part of our ESF system, it has unique elements to assure producers that their sows have indeed been fed. This is what we call peace of mind!

JANUARY 2021 : Robert Daniel and the Ultrasonic Water Meter

Always on the lookout for new technologies, Robert is our go-to person for ag product development. What he wants is to offer state-of-the-art products to help producers maximize their growth potential and profitability.

The Zaxe Ultrasonic Water Meter has made its mark on the market in the past year thanks to its unique features and high accuracy. Capable of reading water consumption at very low flow rates, it has been tested and proven to be more efficient than conventional water meters, for superior quality results.

FEBRUARY 2021 : Valerie Paquet and the Ear Tags

Formerly partner of a 1,000-sow maternity unit focused on animal welfare, Valerie now focuses her efforts on helping swine producers implement better practices in their farms through technology. For her, state-of-the-art ag products designed for animal welfare are a winning combination for optimizing pig farming.

In gestation as in farrowing, the Zaxe Ear Tags are ideal for obtaining an accurate reading of your sows. Ultra-light, they have been thought of and designed with animal welfare in mind, and are therefore very comfortable for the animal. Enough to make your production efficient and profitable, but also sustainable and animal-oriented.

MARCH 2021 : Wes Lack and the Electric Feed Drop

Wes is truly passionate about the industry, and that’s what sets him apart. His determination has allowed him to learn a lot about the needs of animals and the different agricultural products on the
market. For the past few years, he’s been focusing on the development of feed solutions and innovative products to help producers achieve their goals more effectively.

The Zaxe Electric Feed Drop is one of the products Wes helped developing. It allows producers to precisely distribute specific feed rations in individual feeders when and where they want! Producers no longer need to feed their animals manually and in equal quantities.

APRIL 2021 : Nora Wolske and the Weather Station, Lux Sensor and RH Sensor

Having gained much of her experience in the field, Nora specializes in dairy production and knows a lot about the needs of cows. She strives to provide smart solutions to producers to help them in their day-to-day operations, more specifically for managing their farm’s environment.

The Weather Station combined with the Lux Sensor and RH Sensor are an essential trio for basic environmental management of your farm. Thus, they optimize your return on investment as well as your cows’ comfort. All this to make effective management decisions in real time, when it counts!

JUNE 2021 : Joel Phelps and the Sow Feeding Station

Passionate about animal welfare and improved performance, Joel has an excellent background in swine production, being himself co-owner of an 18,000–sow operation in Ontario. He aims to improve swine production as a whole, mainly through the use of intelligent feeding systems.

The Zaxe Sow Feeding Station is an integral part of our ESF system for loose housing sows. Designed for animal welfare, producers are assured of obtain production performance that meets their expectations and to reduce labor on the farm, thereby promoting biosecurity and reducing errors. Enough to make their lives much easier!

JULY 2021 : Jackson Zenatti and the Bin Scale

Jackson is our South American based swine production expert. Its primary goal is to educate producers to implement good practices through agricultural technology, in order to optimize their production.

The Zaxe Bin Scale is one of our best-sellers. It allows producers to weigh their bins with great precision, to better manage their feed inventory, to detect and prevent anomalies or diseases in a herd, and to better manage their feed budgets. All of it in real time!

AUGUST 2021 : Alexis Leiva and the Co2 Sensor

Passionate about technology and eager to pass on his knowledge, Alexis has a real love for his work. He sees well-being on the farm and technology as one, and that’s why his clients trust him and his skills.

Co2 is a key indicator of the air quality on a farm, and the Co2 Sensor is the tool to monitor your environment. That said, too high concentrations of carbon dioxide is harmful to the health of animals, but also that of workers. In other words, if there is a danger for us, there is also a danger for the animals, and vice versa!