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Zaxe is a world leader in farm mechanical development. By choosing Zaxe, you choose to offer your farm, your animals and yourself the very best of technology, for your business’ success.

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Group Housing

Our complete and reliable integrated feeding system entirely designed for animal welfare.


Choose a complete scalable system with unsurpassed accuracy.

Zaxe experience

High quality products designed and delivered by passionate professionals


Our high quality products come with a trouble-free warranty. We care about your peace of mind!


Our quality products are highly precise to help you better manage your farm and make your production as efficient as possible.


Our experts know the field and adapt to your reality. Their mission is to find innovative solutions to all your challenges.


Our team combines 75 years of experience and over 5,000 projects carried out around the world.


Our products allow you to achieve more precise management, reduce your operating costs, and increase your returns.


We guarantee a prompt shipment and a speedy delivery.

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Discover all our Zaxe products specially designed to optimize your dairy production.


Discover all our Zaxe products specially designed to optimize your poultry production.


Discover all our Zaxe products specially designed to optimize your swine production.

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Zaxe offers

a tailor-made global service.


We collaborate in a smart and practical way, bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the best results.

Research & Development

We rely on cutting-edge technology by investing in R&D to ensure continuous improvement of our products and processes.


We either replace or credit our products, which considerably speeds up the warranty process without compromising your production. Your satisfaction is our priority!


We hold most of our products in inventory ready for delivery. Your orders are processed within a maximum of 48h. We offer fast delivery.

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