Expert choice October 2020

Zaxe Sorting Scale

Robert Lawrence


Robert is a swine specialist who’s been working in the hog sorting business for 20 plus years. Being passionate about swine production, he puts his expertise at the service of producers. Whatever the situation, Robert is there to take care of it. Everything from planning sorting systems, installing, troubleshooting and repairs; he’ll have the answer!

His background in the industry has allowed him to be involved in many facets of the production cycle, making him the most capable person to talk about the Zaxe Sorting Scale!


Eyeballing your pigs to predict their size is now a thing of the past! It is time to turn those predictions into precise, computable data.
Thanks to the Zaxe Sorting Scale, better plan and forecast your production and maximize your return on investment. With the integrated Maximus module, it allows you to weigh your fattening pigs quickly and efficiently, regardless of your pen layout.
Its weighing cells are very precise, therefore maintaining optimal zootechnical performance and increasing your profitability. An equipment designed for the producer, to facilitate work and allow considerable savings in labor, while ensuring animal welfare. See the difference for yourself!
Learn more about the Zaxe Sorting Scale on its product-sheet, right here!

You can also watch our video of the Zaxe Sorting Scale on our YouTube channel!