Expert choice August 2021

Co2 Sensor

Alexis Leiva


Alexis is an ag technology specialist with 18 years of experience in the field and specializes in electronic control systems. Alexis qualifies himself as a tech geek and is eager to pass his knowledge on to producers here and abroad, working primarily with the South American market. For him, working with producers and agricultural workers who specialize in animal welfare and food production control is what makes his work a true passion!

His dedication to well-being at the farm makes Alexis a person of knowledge when it comes to choosing the right equipment for one’s production. Indeed, his primary goal is to create a healthier environment for his clients, both for animals and for workers. It is for this reason that his clients trust him when he recommends the DOL Co2 sensor, distributed by Zaxe, thus providing them with optimal production conditions.


Carbon dioxide and water are the main by-products of respiration. But, if the concentration of carbon dioxide (Co2) becomes too high inside a barn, it can pose a health risk. In modern farms, many producers work in enclosed spaces for 4 to 8 hours a day. A number of studies on ventilation on a farm are more focused on the productivity and comfort of animals and are only incidentally interested in the health of farm workers. However, the concentrations of Co2 gas found in most barns are undoubtedly detrimental to the animals’ health as well as the workers’ health. This is especially true during cold periods. It is therefore essential for producers to control the level of Co2 in their farm buildings with a quality sensor.

That said, carbon dioxide is a key indicator of indoor air quality and therefore should not be overlooked when it is time to choose your farm equipment. DOL’s Co2 sensor is essential for monitoring carbon dioxide (Co2) levels on-site. It improves the air quality in your farm buildings and increases the productivity of your herds, while protecting the health of your staff. Designed specifically for barns, this renowned high-precision sensor is definitely a tool to own to create a more comfortable and safer farm environment, allowing you to optimize your production.

You wouldn’t want to endanger your health at work, so why would it be any different for the health of your animals and employees?

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