Expert choice January 2021

Ultrasonic Water Meter

Robert Daniel


With close to 30 years in the ag industry, Robert has been working in electronic controls sales for 25 years. Most of his work was done in the US and international markets, and he specialized himself in ventilation and feed management systems. With all this experience, he now has been focusing his efforts in the development of cutting-edge agricultural products for the past decade.

His priority: helping producers and agri-food companies maximize their growth potential and profitability. And how can they do so? By using innovative and performant equipement! This is where Robert’s expertise enters, with the Zaxe Ultrasonic Water Meter.


A precise and complete reading at low flow, that’s the dream of every producer. And it is now a reality thanks to the Zaxe Ultrasonic Water Meter!
The Ultrasonic Water Meter is unique in its way on the market. In fact, it has been tested and proven to be extremely precise when it comes to reading water consumption, especially in low flow situations.
Of great durability and high-quality, it allows producers to manage their water consumption more efficiently than with a conventional water meter. It has been designed and built with no moving parts to avoid abrasion of the mechanism. The Ultrasonic Water Meter easily connects to an intelligent controller, thus allowing you to make a more complete analysis of your water consumption.
Do like many others and take it to the next level with this cutting-edge product!
Learn more about the Zaxe Ultrasonic Water Meter on its product-sheet, right here!