Expert choice July 2021
Zaxe Bin Scale
Jackson Zenatti
  Jackson is a swine specialist with 15 years of experience helping pig producers improve their productivity and results by using better management techniques in farms in Latin America. As of today, he participated in more than 1,000 projects in the field, implementing software, controls and innovative tools to help producers better manage their production. The main objective in his work is to understand the problems in the farm and make a plan to improve results with the information collected and his expertise. With that said, Jackson wants to implement good practices in the field by educating producers about the benefits of ag technology on their production on a daily basis. This starts by having a good feed management system to ensure producers get the most out their work and the best return on investment. That is why Jackson recommends to his clients the Zaxe Bin Scale, to prevent any problems regarding feed inventory!
  Feed represents more than 75% of a farm’s production costs. The question we need to ask ourselves is: What controls and measures could help us understand where are the problems and what causes feed waste? When you understand this, you can improve feed conversion and animals weight gain. A lot of producers make decisions based on suppositions, but they don’t have a lot of space to make mistakes. So, they need to make decisions based on data and facts. The Zaxe Bin Scale is the best tool to understand the consumption behavior of the animals, the causes of efficiency loss and what producers can do to get a better feed conversion. They don’t need to wait for the group to close out to notice a bad result anymore. Now, producers can anticipate the problem and solve it immediately, thanks to the data collected by the Bin Scales. With the Zaxe Bin Scale, producers now have control of their feed inventory 24/7. It is a great product to help producers weigh their bins accurately and schedule their feed deliveries according to their data. This helps them keep track of their inventory, so they never run out of feed for their animals and optimize their production performances. When connected to an intelligent controller, the system sends an alert when the bin is about to empty out according to preestablished parameters, so they can order feed at the right time. It’s also possible to know the animals’ consumption curve on a daily or weekly basis to help producers detect any anomalies or diseases in the herd in real time. Being able to see their weekly budget and to compare their real feed consumption every week is a good way for producers to have the best feed conversion and daily gain in their production. In other words, the Zaxe Bin Scales help them to see before, act before and improve before! Learn more about the Zaxe Bin Scale on the product sheet below!

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