Expert choice November 2020

Zaxe Air Inlets 

Marc Boivin


Ventilation expert in the dairy, poultry and swine industry for more than 25 years, Marc specializes in ag-tech sales. Having explored many markets during these years including China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and many others as a Sales Manager, he now concentrates his efforts on the Canadian territory and helps develop different ag products.

With his expertise and diverse skill set, you are sure to make a good deal when Marc recommends you the Zaxe Air Inlets!


Take control of your minimal ventilation with the Zaxe Air Inlets!
Whether you opt for Mural or Ceiling Air Inlets, single or double, you’ll be able to better manage your ventilation in your farm, therefore creating a comfortable environment for your animals.
The Zaxe Air Inlets minimize cold air drafts over your herd during the winter season and send air further into your building for better air circulation and energy efficiency. A good air management and quality are necessary to maximize your profitability. Essentials for your production!
Learn more about the Zaxe Air Inlets on their product-sheets, right here!