Expert choice December 2020

3P Feeder

Jeff MacDougald


With 15 years’ experience in swine sales and nutrition and having a degree in Sciences in Agriculture from Guelph University, Jeff has a long-standing history in sow production and feeding.

Advocate for the ESF system (Electronic Sow Feeding), Jeff sees a multitude of opportunities with the Zaxe system and participates to its development and to making a name for it all over Canada. Peace of mind and return on investment for his clients are priorities for Jeff, that is why he has a particular interest in the Zaxe 3P Feeder.


Elevate your feed management and peace of mind to an unseen level with the Zaxe 3P Feeder!

Integral part of the Maximus ESF system, the 3P Feeder is a high-quality and advance ag product for precision feeding in swine production. Efficient in gestation and in farrowing, be assured that your sows have been fed, thanks to its unique and patented “Bobble head” sensor.

With the best guarantee in the industry, save on feed costs and optimize your results for a fast return on investment. We guarantee it!
Learn more about the Zaxe 3P Feeder on its product-sheet, right here!