Expert choice February 2021

Ear tags

Valérie Paquet


Specialist in ag technology and passionate about animal behavior, Valérie Paquet has 15 years of experience in the swine industry, more specifically in farrowing.

Partner in a farrowing farm of 1 000 sows centered on animal welfare, Valérie co-managed the entire project, from the construction of the building to the settlement and the setting up of the herd. Supervisor, teacher and manager; Valerie wears several hats. Known for her ease, proximity and connection with animals, she is also very much liked for her calmness and professionalism by her clients and her peers.

With animal welfare at heart, Valérie recommends the Zaxe HDX Ear Tags for your pig production!


Keep track of your sows with the Zaxe HDX Ear Tags, entirely thought out and designed for animal welfare!

Very lightweight, the Zaxe Ear Tags are of superior quality. Designed with the HDX technology, they allow quick and precise reading of your sows’ information. Generally used in sow feeding, our tags are reliable and durable, as well as being very comfortable for the animal. That said, they are very easy to install and have a low loss percentage for more efficient monitoring of your animals and their needs.

Combine them with the Zaxe Antennas, in gestation and farrowing, to efficiently track your animals. A must for your production!

Learn more about the Zaxe HDX Ear Tags on their product-sheet, right here!