Expert choice March 2021
Electric Feed Drop

Wes Lack


With 20-plus years of experience in swine production, Wes has made a name for himself in the ag field, thanks to his determination and love for the industry.

Wes gained his experience on the field by managing sows units ranging from 11 000 to 28 000 sows. He touched on many facets of swine production, and used and handled countless farm equipments. So, he learned a lot about animal needs and behavior, and the various products essential for production and profitability of a herd.

For the past 7 years, Wes has been working with ag technology, more precisely with implementing innovative solutions to help pork producers achieve their production goals. Over the past few years, he’s contributed significantly to the development of feeding solutions and innovative products to help producers, like the Zaxe Electric Feed Drop.


Precisely calibrated, the Zaxe Electric Feed Drop allows you to distribute a specific quantity of feed where you want it, when you want it.
The Electric Feed Drop also allows producers to manage and utilize a multi-ration feed distribution to individual feeders in the same building. With a powerful and cold-resistant motor, it provides commercial producers with the ability to capture feed efficiency with a low-cost and quality equipment.
Maximize the growth potential of your production by combining your Feed Drop to the Zaxe Feed Weigher and an intelligent controller, for results that surpasses your expectations !

Learn more about the Zaxe Electric Feed Drop on its product-sheet, right here!

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