Expert choice April 2021

Zaxe Bird Scale

Mathew Daniel


With training in IT and 10-plus years of experience in the livestock and ag industry, Mathew strives every day to blend the best technology has to offer with the latest innovations in animal husbandry and welfare practices. His goal is simple ; keep his clients in the know about livestock production by providing them with products at the cutting-edge of technology.

Having developed an expertise in poultry production, Mathew recommends the Zaxe Bird Scale to his clients for 3 simple reasons: the design is simple and intuitive, the product is robust and built to last, and the price is right ! What’s not to like ?


Having a scale system in your barn is greatly beneficial, as it allows you to identify positive or negative weight trends in real time and to react accordingly and immediately. Whereas, if you rely only on scheduled hand weighing, you may already be several weeks past a problem before even knowing and it may already be too late.

The Zaxe Bird Scale if made up of a stainless-steel telescopic pole, for easy adjustments as birds grow and litter thickens, and a high durability platform with antislip finish. It is great for weighing birds grown in large spaces or cage free.

Designed with animal welfare in mind, the Zaxe scale offers a robust design and is made of specially selected materials for life in contact with animals inside the barn.

An economical choice you won’t be able to live without !