Expert choice September 2020

Litter Probe

Mario Bissonnette 


Mario Bissonnette is a poultry expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry in Quebec. In fact, he has accumulated 10 years of experience selling chicks, as well as a 10-year expertise in electronic controllers.

His priority: to always offer the best to his clients! That is why he’s constantly on the lookout for new developments in technology to optimize production and make producers’ work easier. His master of the industry and his knowledge makes Mario the ideal person to introduce the Zaxe Litter Probe to the poultry world!


When it comes to chicks, the hot topic is definitely the litter’s temperature in the comfort zone for chicks. This is why Zaxe came up with the Litter Probe!
Inexpensive and easy to use, the Zaxe Litter Probe informs you of the temperature of the shaving before chick arrival and is also used to monitor the floor temperature throughout the grow period.
Before the chick arrival, you put the probe directly on the shaving in the chick’s starting zone. It is used immediately when the shaving is spread in the barn and informs you of the temperature a few days before the birds’ arrival. That said, the day they arrive, you are sure that the floor temperature is as desired.
After that, the Litter Probe is placed under the shaving to monitor floor temperature during the grow period. When the room temperature becomes the same as the probe’s, you know that your birds are laying on a shaving that is warm enough to increase the minimal ventilation of your barn. The perfect product for the comfort of your chicks!
Learn more about the Zaxe Litter Probe on its product-sheet, right here!